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About QuickBooks Premier Industry Edition Nonprofit

QuickBooks Premier Industry Edition Nonprofit was developed with not-for-profit organizations in mind. It is everything QuickBooks Premier with an added Menu Tab and options to accommodate Nonprofit Organizations specific needs. The cost to operate QuickBooks Premier Industry Edition Nonprofit is just under $400 as at 2013.

QuickBooks Premier Industry Edition Nonprofit Features

QuickBooks Premier Industry Edition Nonprofit allows you to do everything in Premier plus:

1) Create Form 990 (Statement of Functional Expenses) to identify your expenses to your board, major donors, and the IRS.

2) Create a Statement of Financial Income & Expense report to demonstrate financial accountability to your Board of Directors by showing how much money came in, and how it was spent.

3) Track budgets and finances by program

4) Generate your donor contribution summary reports to show each donor's contribution totals.

5) Import a Non-Profit Chart of Accounts (You can easily create a unified chart of accounts based on the filing requirements of Form 990, or import one.)

6) Generate year-end donations statement

7) Track your balance sheet by class. (If your company has several programs or locations, you can now track the data separately within a single, easy to access report.)





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