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About QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with all Windows Editions of QuickBooks Software. The cost to operate QuickBooks Point of Sale range from just under $1,200 to under $2,000. The Basic Point of Sale is $1,199.95, Pro is $1,699.95, and Multi-Store $1,899.95 as at 2013. Get more information for Windows Platform Editions of Point of Sale at Intuit.

For the Mac, QuickBooks Point of Sale is available through Acclivity's application called Checkout. The cost for 1 Software License (valid for only 1 workstation) from Acclivity is $499. To purchase the Standard Hardware to use with the software, Acclivity offers a bundle that includes: cash drawer, wired barcode scanner, receipt printer, and 1 Software License for $1298 as at 2013. Get more information about QuickBooks for Mac Point of Sale Options at Acclivity.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Features

QuickBooks Point of Sale allows you to:

1) Import existing customers, items, or vendors lists from your QuickBooks Software or Excel into QuickBooks Point of Sale.

2) Effectively Manage your Inventory. (Inventory is updated automatically as you ring up sales, returns, exchanges, and receive items so you instantly know what’s in stock. There is also a built-in reorder points that notifies you when inventory is low, so you never run out of top sellers and lose a sale.)

3) Collect customer information as you ring up sales so you can see every purchase and return. There is also a built-in loyalty program, that you can utilize to reward your best customers and keep them coming back for more.

4) Easily record and authorize secure transactions right from your Point of Sale software, or iPhone and Tablet.

5) Integrate your information into your QuickBooks Software so that you will be able to have all your business financial data in one place in order to get accurate snapshots of your business, and generate relevant reports for your taxes to be done.

Setting up and Managing Your QuickBooks Point of Sale





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