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Creating Purchase Orders in QuickBooks Online

How to Create Purchase Orders in QuickBooks

Creating purchase orders in QuickBooks Online is very similar to creating one in QuickBooks desktop editions; however, the interface is a bit different. In order to use the purchase order feature, you must first turn on the preferences.

To Setup Purchase Order Preferences in QuickBooks:

Step 1. Go to the Gear Icon (company name) and select Account and Settings under Your Company.

Step 2. Click on Expenses in the left menu bar and click the pencil icon to the right of Purchase orders to edit.

Step 3. Check the boxes to the left of Use purchase orders and Copy estimates to purchase orders.

Step 4. Click Save, then click Done.

Follow these steps below to create your purchase order:

Step 1. Go to the plus sign + at top center of screen, and select menu at top menu bar and click Create Purchase Orders.

Step 2. Select the vendor from the dropdown menu at top left Choose a vendor.

Step 3. If the Items will be shipped directly to a customer, select the customer at Ship to.

Step 4. Select the Item from the dropdown at Item details, then enter the purchase order date, description, quantity, rate, amount and all other invoice particulars.

Step 5. Click Save. (You may also click the Save and send at bottom right of screen to email the purchase order, or the Save and New to create a new purchase order).




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